Why do I feel more comfortable chatting online than talking real-life?

This is the age of fast growing technology, where networking and communication have become so easy that anyone can communicate and convey a message to other in seconds. The Internet makes our lives and communication easy. Now we can easily contact anyone we want and can do it easily online.

There are so many online sites available, which serve people for communicating and making friends. As well as random chat sites provide an opportunity to make new friends. Making new friends online and talking to them is even easier than talking to a real life friend.

It is easy to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas with online friends or anyone online than talking face to face. You can use any online chat rooms to chat with strangers. There are several reasons behind it, which makes online friendship better than real life friends do.  Researches and surveys showed that the majority of people nowadays prefer talking online rather than interacting face to face.

Online chatting provides a chance to meet and talk to new people from different belongings as well as it creates a comfortable and relaxing environment while talking. There are several other reasons that make online chatting better and more preferred while real-life interaction. This article will discuss a few of the reasons in detail so let just begin. You can talk to random people online.

Why do I feel more comfortable chatting online than talking real-life?

Why is online chatting more preferred?

1-         Less Consciousness

The reason behind it is very simple that completely makes a sense. Why most people prefer online chatting is due to its comfort and having less pressure on the other while talking. Whereas while talking someone face to face need more consciousness. Several types of thoughts arise in mind when communicating someone faces to face.

Some people might feel uncomfortable talking face to face due to the reason that what the other person would think about the facial expression. For example, one person is bad at controlling facial expression or might that person cannot express the expression according to the conversation then it will be disrespectful for that (other/second) person.

In addition, that person might find it a rude behavior to some extent. Which in result creates an uncomfortable environment for both listener and speaker. For that person bad at facial expression, online chatting suits the best in each respect. As well as online friendship provides an opportunity to interact with random people.

2-         Provides appropriate concentration

The second major reason for online chatting is that it offers a less lack of concentration while talking. Most of the time this happens with the majority of the people that when they start talking to someone they starting feeling slightly pressurized by the other. This might happen due to the authority or sometimes the personality and appearance of the other.

In result due to that fear (pressure), that person starts losing concentration and cannot even reply properly. This makes real life or face to face talking more complicated.


3-         Think properly before Speaking

The other reason that makes online chatting more comfortable is that it provides more time to think and then to answer. While talking in real life the majority of the time when two people are talking sometimes a situation occurs when one of them do not know what to say next which is appropriate too.

Chatting online provides a great opportunity and flexible time to think properly without saying anything. This makes online chatting more comfortable and highly preferred.

How to be a friend with someone Online?

In the present age of fast networking and easy communicational ways, this problem remained not a huge one now. Thanks to the internet and its countless advantages, now finding a friend online is not a big issue. So many applications, websites as well as random chat apps have solved this problem largely.

Through these apps and sites, anyone can communicate with random people all around the world and become friends with them. Sharing your thoughts and personal stuff online with random people is easier than sharing it face to face. As well as they will support you in such a great way, that no one else can ever.

Making online friends through apps and sites is actually a good thing that also makes you able to interact with different people living in different regions of the world.

Advantages of having online friends

Although comfortability comes on the top moreover, online friendship is less costly, however; there are several other advantages of online friendship as well. Some of the prominent benefits are as follows:

  • You can easily find them through apps and sites.
  • They are always available when you need them.
  • They are more trustworthy.
  • Always give you the best opinion.
  • You can share everything easily.
  • They are good secret keepers.
  • They will not pressurize you.

While talking about benefits and pros, there also exists cons of online friendship as well.

Disadvantages of Online friendship

Some prominent disadvantages are as follows:

  • There are probably fewer chances to meet them in real life.
  • Sometimes conversations ended up miscommunicated.
  • You cannot make random plans or go to parties together.


Making online friends is a good thing, as it provides an opportunity to talk with different people of different belongings. As well as it creates an environment of comfortability which sometimes vanish while talking to people in reality. It also builds a relationship of great communication and strong bonding with random people. Moreover, it is cheaper and easiest way to say easily what you want.