Which is the Best Wooden Watch to Wear?

When someone talks about wooden watches it might sound a little weird at once, but they have been increasingly popular these days. The fact that why the companies are creating more wooden watches is because of the high sustainability. The wooden watches prove to be more environment-friendly because they do not contain any harmless material in their production.

As wood is a pure natural element so it will also help people who got various allergies with the use of other materials like stainless steel. Using wooden watches offer a number of advantages, that the other watches might not provide. Most of the time other watches that especially made steel or metal get corrodes with weather changes.

The benefit of using a wooden watch in this respect will prevent your watch to get damaged with weather changes. Thus, it proves to be perfect for everyday use and for long-term use. For this purpose, listed below are some of the best wooden watches to wear.

Which is the Best Wooden Watch to Wear?

–               Urban Designer Wood Watch

Wooden watches by Urban Designer comes on top of the list when it is about purity and sustainability. The purpose of creating something from wood is to have less impact on the environment and to create something high-performing. Urban designer is one of the best brands in this respect, which creates unique and pure timepieces that are more environment-friendly and highly sustainable.

–               Original Grain

Looking for a high-quality timepiece with elegant look and efficient working. Original Grain is one of the top-notch wooden watch in this respect. The beautiful combination of wood and steel the original grain watch offers high-quality and high performance. The Original Grain also produce watches that are especially dedicated to the baseball team. So, for the true baseball fans it is one of the ideal watch to buy.

Talking about price range, the Original grain watches are extremely expensive. But the quality of the watch is outclassed. Investing your money in such a quality item is quite a great idea.

–               Jord Wood Watch

Jord Wooden Watch is another high-quality watch that comes with unique features. It offers high Sustainability and it is perfect for the environment. Besides this, the amazing brand offers a wide range of watches for both men and women. So, anyone can buy this elegant and amazing timepiece. The unique designs of this amazing brand are inspired by nature and thus appears so elegant.  Buying this amazing watch proves to be the best in every manner, the beauty, elegance and every detail is amazing. Thus, the Jord watches are best to buy when it comes to the elegant wooden watches.

–               Plantwear Watch

If you are a true watch lover and look for the designs that fall in both modern and minimalist category then the Plantwear watches are the best to buy. These are one of the amazing and high-quality handmade watches that are made up of pure wood.

These wooden watches also proves to be the best because they are made up of pure wood as well as made from hand. This proves to be more environmentally friendly and best wooden watches.

–               Bobo Bird Wood Watch

The Bobo bird watch is the best wooden watch to buy when it comes to look something environment-friendly. The wood is made of pure bamboo and is 100% natural. These watches are highly-sustainable and high performing. The extraordinary quality of the watch makes it an efficient timepiece. Talking about the price range, it is also affordable. The best part about this watch is you can get a customized one with a customized message. The natural, elegant and high-sustainability makes it the best wooden watch to buy.

–               Ovi Watch

Ovi watch proves to be another best wooden watch, that was first designed as an experiment. The creator of this watch designed it as an experiment when he was working on his thesis. The purpose, of designing is to create something naturally but at the same time it must be environment-friendly. The ovi watch fulfills the expectations and proves to be one of the best watches to buy.

The uniqueness, style and elegance make it the perfect timepiece. It comes in an affordable range but offers high quality and high efficiency. Buying this amazing sustainable timepiece is perfect for everyday use.


The wooden watches prove to be the best pick when it comes to sustainability. These timepieces are one of the best environment-friendly and affordable watches. Described above are some of the best wooden watches to buy. Each one of them has its own specification and uniqueness. The style, elegance, and the touch of nature make them the perfect watches to buy.

Moreover, the temperature or the environment does not affect the performance of such amazing watches. So, if you are looking for something that is extremely affordable and highly sustainable then wooden watches are perfect.