What is the Difference between Local Citation and Local Listing?

Anytime when your business name appears on the internet. Alongside other information such as contact information and other information. It is good for local marketing. There is a difference between a local citation and local listing. But it is of great help to you for SEO purposes. And also, for backlinking.

These citation building services help you create some valuable backlinks which will be great for your business. With the help of local citations and listing it will be easier for Google to recognize your business. It can also improve your search engine performance. This article will explain in detail the difference between a local citation and local listing.

1.         What is a Local Citation?

Keeping it simple. A citation is a website that refers to business. It is an online mention of the name, address, phone number or any other kind of contact information for a local business. These citations can occur in the directory of a local business on a website, an app or on social media.

With the help of this citation, internet users can easily find out your local business. It also has a great impact on your local SEO rankings. It also ensures data accuracy of a local business.

–               Types of Local Citation

There are some of the types of local citations. They are developed on the basis of some automated software. These types are also created on the basis of some sort of manual data collection from the users. These types can be:

  1. The Wider Web
  2. Geo/ Industry-Specific Platforms
  • Major Local Business Data Platforms

–               Some Components of Local Citation

As discussed earlier local citation has some major components such as name, address, phone number or a referral link. Alongside this some additional elements are as follows;

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Business Categories
  • Business Description
  • Owner Responses
  • Reviews
  • Email Address
  • Fax Number

These are some of the other elements of a local citation.

2.         What is a Local Listing?

A local listing may include some extra detail alongside local citations. Such as an email address or a website address. It is great for backlinking. It is basically an entry of your business name and physical address on an online directory. Like Bing, Foursquare or Facebook.

Local listings are also known to be structured citations and are different from unstructured citations. They are designed in such a pattern that it is easy for a search engine spider to read.

–               Local Listing Ecosystem

When talking about the local listing ecosystem. A local listing ecosystem is made up of hundreds of local directories. These local directories range from basic NAP listing site to detailed business information site. The sites offer rich content.

It is considered to be the most hectic task. As it requires a lot of maintenance. You have to keep the business listings up to date. Keep track of new businesses. Businesses that are closed, those who have changed their phone numbers or deleted them.

What is their business opening times and the closing time and each and everything like that? And all such questions. You have to keep yourself updated in this sense. Also, it is to keep in mind that every directory is in a constant state of flux. As directories get their data from different sources.

3.         Difference Between Local Citation and Local Listing

As local citations and local listing are explained in detailed. There is a difference between both of them. Let us see what are these. A citation is simply a website reference. Whereas a listing may include some extra details including website address.

Both of them have their own descriptions and reviews. Both can be best for SEO purposes. Especially for the off-page. They are very helpful for backlinking. Local listings are best for SEO i.e. for backlinking. But citations also carry some sort of SEO Weightage.

You can also take it like that. Citations occur when your company or local business along with your NAP data is listed online. Such as name, address and phone number. Whereas Listings occur when your company or local business is included in a list online.

So, both local citations and local listing both are different from each other but are good for SEO reasons.


This article explains in detail the difference between a local citation and local listing. They are used when you want to place your business online. It is great for local marketing. If you want internet users to be aware of your online business. Then local citations and local listing are of great help.

They can be great for SEO, most importantly for the backlinks. This article has discussed each and everything in detail. It can also help you rank your business in Google search and easily find the users for it.