What is a Good Boxing Workout Routine with a Heavy Bag?

Heavy bag training is considered to be one of the most effective alternatives to many of the traditional forms of exercise. The heavy bag also known as a punching bag is considered a classical training tool for the boxers. It is of great use in many different ways as these tools helps in shaping champions. Also, it is an important piece of a boxing studio.

Heavy bags are a great way to improve your power and strength as a boxer. There are also several advantages. For instance it helps in building better balance and coordination. Alongside this, it is an amazing way to reduce stress. So, it is important to have regular heavy bag workouts for those who are seeking physical fitness.

Let us see in this article what is a good boxing workout routine with a heavy bag. That will help you in a great way. So, without any further delay let us have a look.

  1. Drilling the Technique

Starting with drilling the technique is one of the first steps in a boxing workout routine with a heavy bag. It consists of practicing certain punches repetitively before actually moving to the next step. Depending on a person’s fitness level, this technique can be made very hard. This drilling technique is a great way to go all out and pushing your limits.

  1. Warm-Up

Warming up is also considered an important step before starting a high-intensity workout such as boxing. It is super important to warm up 10 to 15 minutes before starting your workout. Doing a bit of shadow boxing before moving on to the heavy bag can help you perform better during your main workout. So, yes, it is a necessary step in the workout routine.

  1. The 10 Round Workout is the Best Way to Start With

Now comes to one of the main parts of the boxing workout routine. The 10 rounds heavy bag workout is an awesome way to get your hands on for your basic boxing. The main goal of this workout is to focus on your skills in short rounds. It is a 20 minutes practice consisting of 10 rounds and is very helpful to enhance your basics.

Round 1 is considered to be the warmup round where you get the heavy bag swinging. Start moving around it at this round but don’t throw any punches. Round 2 is meant to be working on your jabs both single and double. In round 3 it is the time to throw 1-2 jabs while practicing your punch range.

Practice your 2 and 3 punch combinations in round 4 with the main focus of delivering punches with great speed. Round 5 is followed by 1-2 punch combos in 10 seconds interval and a 10 seconds rest. Round 6 is a ‘freestyle’ round. This round is meant to marinating a good hand speed.

Round 7, 8 and 9 are the repetitive rounds of round 4, 6 and 5 respectively. In the final round i.e. round 10 put everything all together except for the freestyle. Give it all that you have got, working as hard as you can and you are all good to go.

  1. Power Workout

Now, this workout is hard – the power workout is meant to hit hard and as much as you can. Boxing is all about striking. So, even if you throw just a knockout punch, it is required that you do it effectively. All in all, this workout is designed in a way to make you hit harder with more productivity.

  1. Speed Workout

This speed workout is meant to increase your reaction time and speed. It helps you throw faster combinations. In this workout, you will do a 3 minutes workout with 30 seconds of rest between each round. It is best for you to get your hands warmed up for the next step, and practice your skills easily.

  1. Hit or Endurance Workout

Now it is the time for the final step that is endurance workout. It is one of the most important parts of boxing. As you stepped into the ring, you start to realize how every muscle in the body is being used. Using the HIIT technique is one of the best ways to develop your endurance. So, it is crucial to complete this part.


This article is all about a good boxing workout routine with a heavy bag. As the heavy bag is an effective way to train the boxers and build your confidence. If you are looking for physical fitness and power, then a heavy bag workout is for you. It is also known as punching bag workout. It greatly improves your power and strength as a boxer.

So, in this article, some of the ways are discussed for a goof boxing routine with a heavy bag. Just remember, for a good workout routine warming up is really important. Alongside this, a 10 rounds workout is essential to become a professional boxer Fast.