What are the differences between Bitcoin and Reddcoin?

There always arises the same questions frequently, which is what the major difference between a Bitcoin and a Reddcoin is? Do the two work exactly the same way?  Can both of these used for the same purpose?

Before getting into the details and finding answers to these questions is important to understand the actual meaning or definition of these terms individually. This will make it easier to answer the above questions.

Definition of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency also known to be famous as cryptocurrency, which allows a peer-to-peer transfer of digital currency. The bitcoin transactions also known as bitcoin block chains allows this whole process to take place smoothly.  

These block chains offer fast money transfer, but the only thing that is worth considering is that a blockchain does not keep the track on the location of money transfer. This might leads to the biggest disadvantage of using bitcoin.

Definition of Reddcoin

Reddcoin is a type of social currency that will help the content creators on different earning platforms to earn money in exchange for creating content. In simple words, Reddcoin is a currency that a content creator can gain on each like or share of the relevant post on platforms like Twitter or YouTube.

You can also say that you give a tip to a content creator in the form Reddcoin by simply hitting like on the relevant post. More likes mean more Reddcoin.

This discussion might clear up the basic difference among the two up to an extent. Furthermore, let us discuss some more differences between Bitcoin and a Reddcoin in detail.

Some Prominent Differences between the Two

A Bitcoin

  • A form of Cryptocurrency that allows direct payment without the involvement of the third party.
  • Establish a connection between sender and receiver.
  • Makes Payments fast and smooth.
  • No deduction, no Fee
  • Used for various payment purposes

Benefits of Bitcoin

  • Anonymity
  • Direct connection of sender and receiver
  • No involvement of any central party
  • Easy Payment
  • No additional Taxes
  • Low Prices

Investing in Bitcoin

A bitcoin investment is a lifetime investment that will provide a user with high and valuable profits on each investment. Inventing your money in buying and storing this digital currency will secure your future. As for keeping, this cryptocurrency stored and secure is not a bad thing unless you will use it for the wrong purpose.

While keeping this digital currency save and secure one must be extra careful in this respect because prevention is better than any great loss or harm. Although, it is a great way of saving your money for the future.

A Reddcoin

  • A form of Social currency that provides income to content creators on social platforms.
  • Build a relationship with the audience.
  • Depends on the quality of content
  • A social reward from people.

Benefits of Reddcoin

  • Easy to use
  • Light in size
  • Cheap in price
  • Offers High privacy
  • Highly Secure
  • Payment guaranteed

Investing in Reddcoin

To buy Reddcoin and secure it for the future is a great way of securing money. Buying ad saving Reddcoin is slightly different from Bitcoin as buying and selling Reddcoin is only possible via Reddcoin exchange points like Bittrex, Cryptopia, and much mother.

Investing in Reddcoin will leave a long-lasting impact on the future and can help in securing the future. Being highly protective and untraceable it is easy to save a Reddcoin.  

These were some of the prominent differences between a Bitcoin and a Reddcoin. These two are completely different from each other as well as works in exactly the opposite way from one and other. Therefore, considering them as the same thing is not a fair choice.

There might appear a slight similarity among the two, in respect as both serve, as an online or digital currency, but the working and functioning of two are completely different. Otherwise, there is no such comparison among the two of them.

Which is of more worth a Bitcoin or a Reddcoin?

From the above discussion, it is quite difficult to make a clear judgment about both of these cryptocurrencies. Just because both of them serves in their own unique way, but up to an extent it can assume that which is better than the other is.

Depending on the security and privacy concerns, Reddcoin is of more worth than a Bitcoin. Considering all these points discussed above in consideration, it is obvious that Reddcoin is an effective way to invest your money.

Other than that, the privacy issue is one of the major concern of every firm especially when you consider that firm for money investment. Clearly, Reddcoin has all that properties that are must for money investment as well as it offers high privacy.

Unlike Bitcoin, Reddcoin cannot be easily stolen or ditched. It offers high security and high maintenance, which makes it better than a Bitcoin.

Is Reddcoin Investment Worth?

The answer to this question is obvious that is yes! Investing you, money and buying a Reddcoin will secure your money for a well-established and secure future. Therefore, one must invest in buying a Reddcoin without thinking even for one more time. As it will not make a loss in money instead will save it for the future.

Therefore, one must invest in buying a Reddcoin in order to make the future secure and bright. As this is the easiest way of investing in for future.


This article described a clear difference that exists between a Bitcoin and a Reddcoin. Both of these have their own uniqueness and different purpose of usage, therefore considering them as the same type of currency is not a good thing. As both of these services to be the best form of cryptocurrencies and provides equal benefits to the users but at the same time, both of them are very different from each other.