11 Breath-Taking Advances in Gaming Technology

Video gaming is one of the oldest companions of many young people especially teenagers. Video games have a great influence on our lives and it has been with almost everyone us since past decades. With the development of new technologies and modern inventions, the gaming world has faced many changes.

Faster growing technology and modern resources brought so many unique advancements in the gaming world. Now the gaming world has become much better than it was in past. So many new things have been introduced which were not part of gaming technology.

There are several ways and places where you can play games and enjoy all the fun and advantages of gaming. There are several gaming cafes as well as CDs or DVDs available. Moreover, you can also play funny online html5 games free. The internet and technology have made our life so much interesting and easy.

Here are a few unbelievable advancements in gaming technology that has changed the gaming world completely within a short span of time.

11 Breath-Taking Advances in Gaming Technology

1-         Custom face confirmation

Now the most important feature that has introduced in the gaming world is a custom facial avatar of the human face. The purpose of this feature is to capture facial expression in order to form a 3D creator looks like you. This face recognizer captures the expressions of the game at every single step.

This invention in gaming technology for creating a duplicate of a gamer that will simply record all the live expressions of a gamer is a great step so far. This is one of the best advancement in gaming technology and a great step for brighter development.

2-         Voice Command

This is another superb invention in gaming technology the help in having a complete command on the game with the help of voice. This feature allows the system to capture and identify voice in order to make the gaming process smooth and efficient.

This feature allows a gamer to turn on and off as well as interacting and selecting files only with the help of your voice. This is another great advancement in gaming technology, which has changed the gaming world drastically.

3-         Amazing Graphics Display

Introduction of new and advanced tools for designing contributes to creating amazing graphics. Graphics is one of the important features in gaming and any sort of similar task. Comparing the modern technological display with the past one clearly, show a huge difference. Modern technologies improved the display and appearance on the screen and added more to it.

4-         Augmented/ Virtual Reality

This is something that had never introduced before. This advancement allows a system to create a computer-generated environment that takes a gamer deep inside the surrounding in which every character and each part of the game appears real. Virtual headphones and virtual glasses also contribute in this respect. This allows a player to feel every part of the game, as it is life now.

5-         Gesture Commands

Technology also helps the developers to create such types of games that work by simply understanding the gestures. Some games understand the gestures of hands and even the eye blinking to be operated. This is the easiest way of operating a game while playing without losing concertation.

6-         Gaming industry concentrating on to be more realistic

The game developers and gaming industries are now trying to be more precise and trying to provide numerous advantages to its users by sticking to one platform. They are merging different parts together to form a complete package to its users by staying on one platform only.

7-         Gaming on Smartphones

Talking about technology how can someone forget smartphone gaming apps. Android app developers have developed gaming apps that made the lives of gamers so easy. They can play several games according to their tastes and choice. The other great advantage is that you do not need to go anywhere and can play games without leaving your place.

8-         Gaming through wearable technology

Another advancement of technology is that gamers can play games easily using several devices. One can also consider portable devices like smartwatches, HTC vibe and game band etc. These wearable technologies changed the gaming world completely.

9-         Gaming on demand

With the faster growth in technology, the developers instead of using heavy had wares for gaming as if the old gaming methods prefer using light software for this purpose? This is also named as cloud gaming. This limits the size of the game and makes its performance faster and efficient.

10-    E-Sports gaming

To all sports lovers, technology contributes to developing their interest too in gaming. There are so many games related to sports like football, cricket, and others. This type of gaming is known as e-sports and it is especially dedicated to sports lovers.

11-    Easy access to gaming

On top of everything, the major advancement in gaming technology that benefits game lovers is the easy access to games. Gamers can now easily play games online free and there exists a huge variation depending on their choice and interests. Technology has greatly solved this problem of downloading heavy gaming software or buying expensive gaming stuff.


The advancements in technologies changed the gaming industry completely. The development of new and modern technologies serve so many unique benefits to game lovers keeping in mind their interests as well. Moreover, the problems the gamers faced in past decades have reduced largely. Now, there are so many websites on the internet, which provides free gaming facilities, especially to game lovers.