Top Indian Bridal Jewellery Trends in 2019

go to link Every bride would want to have the most beautiful bridal look for her big day. Jewellery is the main part of any bride it sometimes gets you confused on what to wear and with what. So we have listed the jewellery trends of 2019 which are not only trendy but also beautiful at the same time.

1. Temple Jewellery

see Temple Jewellery, the most preferred jewellery by south indian brides. If you want to give your big day a traditional and authentic look then temple jewellery is the right choice for you. It is made of chunky gold with some red and green stones made in different shapes and designs which makes each piece unique and traditional. Few of the famous pieces from the temple jewellery collection that you can look out for are Vanki, Vadanam, Kasu Mala and Jada Billa.

2. Oversized Maang Tikka

These oversized Maang Tikkas can be worn for every ceremony like sangeet, wedding, reception and for any small event. It can be paired up with beautiful dangling earrings for your sangeet, or with a beautiful choker for your big day. Few of the famous designs are the kundan and pearl maang tikkas.

3. Floral Jewellery

Floral jewellery is the latest trend in the fashion industry now. It is worn for some of the pre-wedding events like haldi ceremony and mehendi function. It is made out of real flowers which are mould in the shape of vadanam, Jhumkas, necklace, maang tikka and many more. The most exciting thing about it is that each piece can be done uniquely by using different flowers and colours. One of the colourful jewellery pieces every bride wants to wear.

4. Layered Necklaces

click Wearing a single necklace or two is just too mainstream, instead try layering your necklaces from your neck to your belly for the grand bridal look. But make sure all these necklaces have to be of different size and should compliment or coordinate with each other, otherwise, it will look mismatched. Layering kundan necklaces with different designs can elevate your bridal look to the next level.

5. Stacked Bangles

enter site Why only layer necklaces, you can stack up your bangles too. Every bride wants to look full and bright with heavy jewellery on her big day. Again the same concept follows here, the bangles should complement each other. Add bangles of different sizes, patterns and material, it gives you that fuller look of a bride.

6. Mathapati

If you prefer having heavy head jewellery then Mathapati is the best option for you. Apart from Maang tikka, Mathapati is a new trend followed now. The famous one is the kundan and pearl mathapati which give an elegant look to your attire. But make sure it syncs well with your necklace and earrings.

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