Top Gifts Ideas of Gemstones in Wedding Anniversaries

After all, there would be no denying to the fact that a wedding is a time which starts with a ritual of exchanging rings that is on the engagement and then the process of gifting jewelry never really ends in a marriage.

For this, gifting a piece of jewelry, especially the gemstones which are suitable as per the occasion comes as a natural yet interesting gifting idea.

Each wedding anniversary is a great time for celebration as it represents your love and union in the relationship.

We all probably have heard that to mark the union and bond of marriage, 25 years of marriage is celebrated as silver anniversary, whereas, 50 years of companionship makes it as gold anniversary. But, not many of us are aware that for every year of wedding anniversary, there is particular and specific gemstones attached to it.

So, while you are confused which gemstone to choose for your wedding anniversary, we will help you to clear any confusion and guide you with the suitable gemstone attached to each and particular year of anniversary.

Top Gifts Ideas of Gemstones in Wedding Anniversaries

Top Gifts Ideas of Gemstones in Wedding Anniversaries

1st Wedding Anniversary: Gift Gold

The first year is the most sweetest and memorable year in every marriage, the couple till this time is often in the honeymoon phase. They are beginning to develop understanding and compatibility as per the other person’s desires, habits and behaviour.

To mark the blissful completion of first year of marriage, the perfect gift option is to simply give a piece of gold jewelry. To him, one can consider gifting gold cuff links or a ring, whereas to her, one can gift a gold chain, necklace or preferably a ring.

2nd Anniversary: Gift Garnet

The best gifting gemstone to celebrate your union of love in the 2nd year is garnet. Though, you may know that garnet comes in a variety of shades and hues in the market, but the perfect one to gift in a wedding anniversary is red garnet commonly known as rhodolite garnet.

For its distinct color and appearance, it is used in many jewelry designs. The most common gift options in garnet could be a ring or a pendant.

3rd Anniversary: Gift Pearls

As known, pearls are found as natural under the sea bed, but there are cultured pearls as well in the market.

It should be known that the natural pearls are a bit expensive than the cultured ones. However, there’s not much of visible difference between the two and even the cultured pearl appears as luminous, sparkling and attractive as a natural pearl.

So, to gifting her pearl ring would be best but keep in mind, pearls are little fragile so wear them on occasions where there is no chance of banging it. For him, gifting pearl embodied cuff links is a good option and even a pearl ring would do.

4th Anniversary: Gift Sapphire

Though, sapphire is also available in a variety of colors in the market, the classic choice of color remains as blue like blue sapphire. If blue is not in your mind, then you have other color options such white, pink, and shades of violet. Sapphire is a hard stone which makes it a perfect choice to be studded in jewelry pieces.

5th Anniversary: Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is the most hardly found color of topaz in the market and this is what makes it all the more in demand and vogue. A blue topaz looks awesome in any piece of jewelry, be it earrings, rings, gemstone necklace or a pendant. It can easily accentuate and bring in some dazzle in the jewelry piece. Therefore, to please and surprise your spouse on the occasion of anniversary, gift a blue topaz.

6th Anniversary: Gift Amethyst

Amethyst is a widely available option in almost every jewelry design and pattern. You can make a choice between its different and varied colors in which it is found in the market. However, the most attractive and sparkling amethyst is known to be in a blue or purple color. But, with its different shades availability, you can pick the one of your choice for your loved one.

7th Anniversary: Gift Onyx

Onyx is a hard and durable stone and is usually used for carving and is popularly used in men’s jewellery. So, this is a great opportunity to gift your man this onyx piece of jewellery on your 7th anniversary.  A bold and black onyx ring would be best for him and for her onyx stud earrings would be a perfect choice.

8th Anniversary: Gift Tourmaline

You can find your favorite color easily in the plenty of color options available in the tourmaline stone. Even if and your partner do not hold a similar taste and preference of color, you can still gift it, in the unique style of parti-color. As per your choice, you can woo your partner with this sizzling and dazzling piece of jewelry.

9th Anniversary: Gift lapis lazuli

It is commonly found in a blue color and is one of the most popular blue colored stones in jewelry. What’s best about this stone that it is used in fengshui material and is said to be having powers to balance the positive and negative energies around us. So, gift your spouse lapis lazuli and get rid of the negative energies at the same time.

10th Anniversary: Gift Diamond

Staying together in love for 10 years in a marriage calls for a grand and great celebration. To mark this celebration in a special way, the gift has to be special and what is better than gifting diamond jewelry this occasion. For him, gift a diamond ring and for her, diamond earrings would be perfect to celebrate in a grand way.

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

You deserve big congratulations for your 25 years of marriage and ads known, it called as a silver jubilee for a reason. Gifting silver jewelry on this occasion is the best idea and is being followed since ages. However, it is not a mandate to restrict yourself with silver, you can add up platinum and any other metal of your choice with silver.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

What’s more can you ask the god for? You have completed 5o years of marriage and this marks it as a perfect occasion to give your spouse something in gold jewelry. You can please him with a gold watch and for her, renew your marital vows again by gifting her gold ring.