Top 10 Psychology Blogs and How They Address Mental Health Issues

Psychology blogs are often a positive tool to assist people to develop and grow. These platforms play a vital role in improving people’s psychological state – so much so that there’s now subfield of psychology dedicated to studying how blogs affect our mental health and well-being. This field is known as ‘blog psychology’, which was introduced by mental health blogger Dennis Relojo.

Blog psychology does not only concern itself with textual blogs, it also extends to microblogs such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and also vlogs.

A group of researchers found that these microblogging platforms can offer support to those who are suffering from depression, but microblogs may also have an effect to people in a very negative approach, like increasing psychological state problems.

And the effects of microblogs has conjointly crept inside academia. Dr Berney Wilkinson and Dr Richard Marshall has created a perceptive episode on this on Psychreg Podcast.

Of course, the consequences of blogs is mixture of each sensible on dangerous. Personally, I see psychology blogs as a tool for reaching bent on folks to speak concerning mental state.

Psychology blogs area unit a robust platform wherever individuals study new problems on psychological state. I even have in person used it for years to start out campaigns on-line. I notice blogs to be powerful tools in terms of motivating individuals to require action and create social changes.

Psychology Blogs

But not all psychology blogs are created equal. According to MedU, here are the top 10 psychology blogs:

  1. BPS Research Digest –  This blog brings you a minimum of one new scientific discipline study for you each weekday. revealed by Brits Psychological Society since 2003, their aim is to showcase psychology whereas conjointly casting a crucial eye over its strategies. With over a hundred,000 followers across social media and another fifty,000+ on email, the analysis Digest blog continues to grow in quality and international prominence, attracting several readers each year.
  2. PsyBlog – British scientist Dr Jeremy Dean is that the founder and author of the favored web site ‘PsyBlog’. Jeremy’s degree was in law however when a career within the net business he began learning scientific discipline. He has currently racked up three higher degrees in scientific discipline, his latest being a academic degree from University Collenge London. The blog has 28,000 followers on Twitter.
  3. Psych Learning Curve – This education-oriented blog is revealed by the American Psychological Association. it’s an area wherever educators, students, parents, activists and psychologists will explore the newest in scientific discipline education and education in scientific discipline. The blog encompasses a smart following on social media.
  4. ISCHP Blog –  This blog is dedicated to crucial health scientific discipline and is managed by the International Society of crucial Health scientific discipline. one amongst its aims is to push active commitment to equity, transparency and inclusion within the method we have a tendency to run the society and its events and comes.
  5. Psychreg – based mostly within the United Kingdom, the blog is supported by Dennis Relojo, the world’s first blog psychologist. Psychreg was recognised as highly commended by the UK Blog  Awards. Launched in 2014 as a directory, it presently evolved into business enterprise articles on scientific discipline and mental state, hosting a podcast, and having its own open access publication.
  6. Welldoing – the location dedicated to mental state, self-development and upbeat, with its own directory of therapists and counsellors. Welldoing ranks well on search results and encompasses a smart following on social media. they need gathered a good vary of data, tips and recommendation concerning all aspects of health and upbeat, aboard our innovative healer directory of skilled mind and body practitioners from across the united kingdom.
  7. Psychology Today was first launched in 1967 and continues to thrive. On this web site, they need gathered a bunch of far-famed psychologists, academics, psychiatrists and writers to contribute their thoughts and ideas on what makes people tick.
  8. Mind Hacks offers neurobiology and scientific discipline tricks to search out out what’s happening within your brain. This blog is maintained by Tom Stafford and  Matt Webb, who are also the authors of the book, Mind Hacks. In their blog they reveal tips and tricks that permit people to ‘hack’ way of life so as to attain happiness, clarity, and different extremely sought-after outcomes.
  9. Psych Central claims to be the most important and oldest freelance mental state social network. Since 1995, its triumph web site has been go by mental state professionals providing reliable, trusty data and over 250 support teams to customers. they need over 185,000 subscribers on their weekly newletter and encompasses a smart following on social media.
  10. The Psychologist  – because the official monthly publication of British Psychological Society, this blog is a forum for communication, discussion and dialogue on a variety of psychological topics. we have a tendency to publish a good vary of scientific, skilled and private formats geared toward our giant and various audience: The Psychologist is read by  around 50,000 BPS members.


Blogging about psychology and mental health provides a platform for people’s voices to be detected permitting them to possess a say on problems that refer them. I even have never been keep in discussing topics or have troublesome conversations around cultural traditions, abuse, politics, among others.

Despite psychology blogs enjoying a positive role for many, researchers have found the high use of social media and technology will have a negative impact on people’s shallowness. Around 2 in 3 teenagers feel pressure to appear smart and nearly a third of youth are cowed online.

Psychology blogs became a distinguished a part of individuals and principally the youth. So, in an exceedingly world wherever wanting common in footage on social media has additional importance than being real, one will definitely say that social media incorporates a significant influence on youth.

It’s regarding moving with the days and additionally specialising in our psychological state. It’s simple to cover behind a screen and be one thing you’re not if we tend to don’t seem to be being honest or authentic. Surely, this is often having a control on our self-worth. we’ve got to balance the professionals and cons of social media.