10 Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Better

Like small rooms, small bathrooms are difficult to design and renovate too. Moreover, if you try to fit further stuff in it then it will lock messier. There is a need of organizing your small bathroom instead of just trying to insert more stuff in it.

It sounds quite odd but it is not a tough task to do. One can organize a small bathroom by following some simple and easy tricks. All you need is to be more creative and determined about what you planned to do.

The main challenges that small bathrooms have to face include less space for toilet and sink, unappropriated space for shower and most importantly some space where to put towel and toilet paper. To overcome these problems this article will describe top 10 designs and tips that will make a small bathroom better.

Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Better

Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Better

These tips and designs will change your life completely and make it easier for you to use a small bathroom. Therefore, here are some top designs that will make small bathrooms better. These are as follows:

1.     Make a small corner sink

By creating a corner sink in the bathroom will make more space for other equipment in a small bathroom. If someone is looking to redesign a bathroom, then fitting the sink in a corner is a good idea. The corner sinks come in various sizes and shapes and can easily adjustto a small bathroom.

The main functionalities that count for a sink are durable and performance. Although, it must not ruin the style. Therefore choosing a perfect and proper corner sink is important.

2.     Make use of a shower curtain

Inserting a shower curtain of glass or fabric also contributes to making a small bathroom better. As this curtain can easily move back and forth,therefore, make more space by adjusting it according to the desire.

3.     Fit the vanity properly

This is an important step while organizing a small bathroom. This can be adjusted by mounting vanity above the floor in such a way that it frees up more space. Although, congested space make sharp corners more dangerous,therefore, another way to fit vanity is by rounding corners.

This will not only prevent hazards to take place but also works perfectly for square shapes or rectangular shaped bathrooms.

4.     Expand the counter over the toilet

This type of arrangement can be done by using a glass slab or a wooden slab depending on choice. This will help into create more space for the items that are necessary for daily usage. Moreover, this will not have any effect on the toilet although; it creates a minimal and clean look.

5.     Replacing and fixing old items

This is a much-needed step for making a small bathroom better. First, you have to check uponif, there is any old pipe or if there is any leakage in old ones, and then replace the old pipes with the new ones. The final step is to cover it up with more creativity and unique decorating stuff that will hide it completely as well as should not consume a lot of space.

Replacing old cast iron pipes will not only make your bathroom modernize as well as it will make working and functioning better and efficient. Therefore, it is important to check up and replace old pipes occasionally.

6.     Mount the towel bar on the door

This is something unique and it will create even extra space for a towel rack. You might think of having a separate closet for your towels but by attaching, a towel bar on the door will vanish the need of a separate closet.

7.     Use neutral colors

Making use of neutral colors for your bathroom will make the look of the bathroom even better and beautiful.  Using light colors will make the appearance cleaner and elegant, it will also go with any theme you want to have for your bathroom.

8.     Minimize visuals obstructions with a glass shower wall

This will help the appearance of the bathroom even better by using glass walls. Glass walls will consume less space moreover; it will help the visuals better.

This will make the look minimal and clean as well. This will also serve as a completely elegant look for a small bathroom.

9.     Extend the shower wall to the ceiling

To break up the small space, extending the shower wall up to the ceiling is a great idea. It will draw your tension away from the congested space moreover make your bathroom appear bigger. A white subway tile is the best affordable one for the small bathroom and it works exactly the same way as the others do.

10.  Keep it simple

Simplicity is elegance, the more simple your small bathroom is the more elegant it will look. You can do it even by choosing proper colors and apparatus for your bathroom. Moreover, it will provide a minimal and clean look to your bathroom.

As simplicity is, beauty and it will work definitely in the best way for small bathrooms. The simpler it is perfect it will look.


This article described some of the ways to make a small bathroom look better. These steps are not difficult to follow although by following those steps make it easier to use a small bathroom perfectly.A small bathroom appears better when it is beautifully organized and to make it happen you just need to be more creative and must have the proper equipment.