How to Transition into a Relationship When You’re Used to Being Single

The beginning of any relationship is little weird.

You’re welcoming a different person into your life, and you have to get used to another person’s oddities.

Being single is pretty amazing. You rest on an empty bed, go out with friends, avoid phone calls; you can do whatever you want! But sometimes after an extended period of singledom, you want someone in your life with whom you can share your happiness your sorrows. When you get into a new relationship a lot of things change, which brings challenges.  Space is now divided between two people, so it’s smart to compromise and sacrifice sake of your love. It was easy enough to get on the same page with small things, but there are more complex issues that arise full of twists and turns.

The transition is tricky but not impossible. You can smoothly transit in a relationship with love, care, romance, empathy, respect, and compromise.

You have to make some changes to start a new and happy relationship, these are:

Communicate with each other:

Everyone is different with different ideas, opinions, habits, skills, and abilities. Start with the talk. Share your routines your interests your hobbies, what you like what you dislike.

Ask your partner about his day and tell him about yours in a way that you get to know each other and will start taking an interest in each other. These things are glaringly apparent to couples, but usually-single people can’t imagine these things.

When you are living together it is not possible that you can’t fall into an argument, times come when there are good days but lousy day are a part of life too. You must have to listen to each other calmly and try to sort out issues politely. Aggressive and assertive behavior triggers anger and can spoil this beautiful relation easily. Every individual have different opinions make your point clear to them and pay respect to their opinion too. Don’t speak up readily when you hear something you disagree with; you should prefer to listen to all sides first.

Realizing your communication differences allows you to bridge any gaps, making it a lot easier to get on the same boat. Once you come to know the way he/she talks and grasp how to communicate with your partner, life gets pretty good.

Have an open mind:

Trust is the keystones for any relationship. Everyone has some past. Some remain single, and some may have tied knot or maybe anti- committed. If you think you are ready to be in a new relationship than you should think wisely and open-mindedly. Your partner may be in contact with his/ her, but you should trust him with your immense and pure love.  As slow as trust is to build, it can dissolve quickly, sometimes from a single incident.

Trust me, the one made for you can’t be the better half of anyone….

Give your partner time and space:

Liberty, independence, and freedom of thought and choice are the fundamental rights of every individual the partners should allow each other their “alone time.”

Many times things don’t go smooth, and there are ups and downs in life in which a person want to spend some time alone .alone time give you the opportunity to think and focus on yourself. Every relationship needs space. You should also indulge yourself in meaningful activities so that you can miss him/her.

Take care of yourself:

Real beauty comes from inside:

So it’s necessary that one should take out time for him/herself. Make the best cup of tea, listening to your favorite music, going out with friends; going for gym sessions, a peaceful walk, having a relaxing spa at the salon is necessary for both. Your body and mind will thank you. You can love your partner immensely when you first like yourself.

Spend time with each other:

To start a new life, it is essential to spend quality time with each other. But everyone has a busy schedule, and things don’t always work out flawlessly. But it’s the game of time management and the partners can share their most beautiful moments with each other.

The time together is healthy and necessary to cultivate and start a relationship and bonding two lives together. It’s not essential that you should plan a candlelight dinner or an outing to spend quality time. You can have fun while doing grocery, helping each other in housework, feeding children and having gym sessions together.

Stop trying to change your partner:

Trying to change someone is impossible. Everyone is different with their thinking and ideas too. So accept the person as he is and try to fix you rather than fixing his/her flaws. No one is perfect. Encouraging someone to be their best self is an excellent quality of a supportive partner, but forcibly trying to change your spouse can do more damage than good for both. Recognize the best thing about your partner and work on their skills and good habits rather than exaggerating the bad about them. When you acknowledge the good in your partner, the world will also value them, and you will also make a special place in his/her heart.


A transition from single to a relationship can be very thorny, challenging and demanding. But it could be very trouble-free and relaxed. It takes some understanding, communication, and ground rules so the couple can become healthy & only then lifestyle will be better for both parties.

You may grow old with wrinkles on your face and grays in your hair. But the spark in your eyes for your other half and butterflies always remain there when you see your partner.

A few small steps and the new relation can be so charming and beautiful.



    • Giemmep Editorial Team