How to make your room look minimalist

Everyone dreams about having a room like the one in the magazines. Organize and design room with all the accessories that were on that specific picture. However, many people fail due to lack of facilities or even not knowing exactly how to start organizing a room in a proper way.

Honestly speaking this task is not even difficult to perform. All you need is proper knowledge and have some basics to do so. Most people do not go for the style due to its simplicity and natural beauty you can say.Moreover, no one wants to spend a lot of money and time designing a minimal room.

This article will deal with all those ideas that an elegant minimal room require. A perfect minimal room requires a few simple steps to follow. Almost everyone can easily follow them. These steps are as follows.

How to make your room look minimalist

How to make your room look minimalist

Clean up all the junk from room

This is one of the most important steps while designing a minimal room. All the excess seriously needs to vanish out of the room. All that stuff that you have not used in a while must get rid out of your room to make it minimal.

This could be stuff including old photos, wall hangings, all that collective stuff you are not using anymore and the related stuff. This will create more space and make your room appear huge. Therefore, cleaning all the excess is very important.

It is not only about creating space

One thing to keep in mind before start organizing your room is that making room minimal does not mean only clearing up the extra stuff and making room threadbare space. It is about organizing and organizing in a unique and elegant manner.

As what the word minimal says, minimum things those are necessary for an organized room. Our purpose is to have fewer things in a room but all that things are important for a room as well.

Choose a simple Bedframe for minimal bedroom

When it comes to minimalize our bedroom you should always go for the simplest bedframe, even a frameless is a better option. As you are following the minimal theme,therefore, a simple bed will make it a perfect one. This will not only makes your room appear as a huge one but also makes a perfect minimal look for your room.

The perfect minimalist beds that will go with the theme are box spring, metal bedframe or platform bedframe. Choosing a minimal bed or bedframe will make it much easier to jump to the next steps.

Buy a neutral color bed cover/sheet

This will add the minimal look to your bedroom a little bit more. A neutral color changes the game completely. It will go with any minimal theme you wish to have. Moreover, adds more elegance to the room.

As creating a minimal room means to get back to the basics, therefore you should go for the neutral colors like creamy colors. The purpose is to create a simple room not a crazy, funky full of colored room. Therefore, neutral colors will perfectly go with the theme.

Bring in natural light

Bringing in light to minimal rooms is an essential thing, although it creates a more natural appearance of the room,therefore, it is more important. Try to organize your room with the best lighting angles that will make natural light to pass through your room easily.

Hang your favorite piece of art on the wall

Hanging a single piece of art on the wall that you love the most will add more to it. This will raise the elegance and simplicity of the room up to an extent and bring more to it. As it is a minimal look,therefore, having too many photos hanged on the walls is not suitable.

The idea of having a single picture hanged on the wall will complete the look you wished to have up to some extent. Moreover, it will bring more simplicity to the room.

Bring in a fake pop up the plant

Including a green plant to your minimal room will give an earthier look to the room, which is actually a good idea to have one. As everything is more towards natural, side so a fake pop up plant will also contribute in this respect.

Therefore having one will increase the beauty of the room. You can go with a rubber plant but a modern houseplant is also very easy to take care of. Moreover, a fresh bouquet is also a good idea to have in the room.

Use a single dresser

To make the vision more minimalist, adding a single dresser to the room will actually help in a better way. This is actually a good idea to have one as this will not over mess the room or it will not ruin the look. On the other hand, if you will go with the multiple dressers it will take the room towards a fancy look.

Use a single shelf for memorable stuff

Another important step in this respect is to use a single shelf in the room for all the memorable things you want to have in your room. On that single shelf, you can put your stuff like pictures, trophies or shields. This will also enhance the beauty of the room.


This article showed some very simple ideas to turn your ordinary room into a minimal room. For this purpose, all you need to have is basic equipment and some sort of idea to organize your room. Moreover, you need to minimize the stuff in your room and have to remove all the excess stuff out of your room. In this way, your perfect minimal room is ready.