How To Get Skinny In Three Days: The Ultimate Guide

Most of the medical stores and clinics have the same old issue being discussed in it. The issue is called “being over-weighed.”The issue has a very old history. Of course, everyone wants good shape and nicely toned body. The good news for you is that if you have a social event approaching and you are searching for a perfect solution to your heavyweight, then this article has all that you need.

This article contains no magic. The tips listed on the list are relevant to whatever the deadline is. Whether the event is 3, 7, 10 or 15 days apart, these tips can help you achieve your weight goals.

Consume water:

Water is a versatile kind of compound. It performs a lot of important functions in your body. Start off your day by consuming a glass or two of pure water. According to scientists, the consumption of water early in the morning helps your metabolism to enhance and eliminates the toxic matter residing in your body.

Whenever you feel thirsty, drink water. As water is the only drink of its kind. It contains no calories. Moreover, water has a unique quality to kill your hunger. Just drink the water when you feel hungry,and this will help you satisfy your urge to eat food.

Substitute your drinks with either water or green tea. Green tea can do wonders for your metabolism and help you restore the skinnier self of yours.

Take a walk after your meal:

The exercise is usually a boring, dull and labor extensive task to do. You can replace the exercise, not completely, by walking for a while after the food consumption. A short walk of 10 minutes is pretty useful inburning off the excessive amounts of calories from your body and aiding your digestive system to work efficiently.

For your information: A 5 minutes walk after the lunch or dinner can help you to maintain the blood sugar level at a more stable rate than what a 45 minutes morning walk could achieve. The logic behind thisbenefit is that when you walk after a meal, the glucose in the blood gets consumed by the muscles. This leaves an open space for the newer glucose molecules to form a part of your bloodstream. So, it is advisable that one should walk a bit after the meal rather than lying on the couch.

Consume more fibers:

The fiber food is your best bet when it comes to a nutritious diet. The fiber food has many good qualities that can aid you in accomplishing your diet plans. The fiber foods make you feel full, even when you consume just a half of the fibers which your body needs. The science behind the above mentioned concept is that the fiber food needs longer time for chewing. Longer time for chewing means that your body registers the fibers that you have already consumed, and that too while chewing the food for next intake. The best part is to include the fibers in your breakfast or even the lunches and dinners. Salad and fruits are the best possible fiber intake for your body.

Eat at home:

More often in the urban cities, you will see people eating food in the restaurants. The average outing rate per week is of a single urban person, according to a survey, is 4. For the business professionals who spend the most of their time in their office are eating as much as one meal outside per day.

Besides the waste of money, the ingredients in a restaurant dish cannot be tracked to perfection. You can easily know what your mother or wife has added is the dish that they made for lunch. But you cannot be completely sure about what is added by the chef in the dish that you just ate in the restaurant.

Limit your sodium consumption:

The sodium consumed by you has some negative effects on your health which even the most educated person cannot track. Sodium is a major ingredient in the snacks, chips and other unhealthy food.

The sodium element has one main characteristic, and that is the retention of water. It does not allow the water to excrete out from your body, and as a result, your stomach looks bloated.

The sodium-based food is addictive as well. Imagine eating one piece of potato chips,and you start eating the whole packet unintentionally. In the end, you have consumed about 500 calories, and these calories take jogging of 45 minutes to be completely burnt out.You can also consider HCG weight loss injections for better results.

Run for your figure:

It is not a difficult code to break that you need to run in order to achieve your fitness goals. If you are walking for an hour, then replace it with the jogging routine. The jogging routine helps you to burn more calories than anything else. It not only burns your caloriesbut also, reduce stress and control the hunger hormones in your body.

According to researches, the running or jogging for half an hour causes an “after burn” which is the chained burning process of calories even after the two hours interval.

Do pushups and squats:

If you do not like exercise, are busy and do not have any finance to buy equipment; then this exercise is all that you need. It takes just a small time of 15 minutes to complete with no extensive effort or machine work.

The push-ups and squats exercise will strengthen your arms and legs and shape it into the best part of your body.