How Much Can You Lose Your Weight While Fasting For Three Days?

You can take your diet goals to another level now. By fasting for three days, you can enjoy a fitter body and the removal of toxic elements from your body. More of the times, you will see people getting frustrated with24 hours fast. But you can easily pass out the three days test if you plan it correctly. Moreover, this fasting is not the traditional fasting that you might have done. It is called the water fasting. In this type of fasting, you do not consume any other food. You will drink only water.

We have compiled some FAQs regarding water fast, which will help you with this process.

How to prepare yourself for the water fast?

For conducting water fast for three days at home, you will have to prepare yourself mentally. The toughest thing that many individuals feel while the preparation phase is a shake of confidence. People usually get feared by the idea for living on just water for three long days. You can seek an expert for helping you; you can also read some books and articles about what you will experience and what is the best part of your new zero calorie diet.

The human body can survive for a week or two without food if the water is available in abundance. So you just need to relax and think that this process is possible to conduct. If you have any physical illness or disorder, then you must consult your physician before conducting the whole process.

There are some diseases which will not allow you to keep the long-term fasts. Tuberculosis is one of such illness, in which you need to avoid restricting your diet to a small intake of calories. Furthermore, the pregnant women should avoid fasting at all costs.

You need to prepare your mind for not only the three days of fast but also for the 3-4 days after fasting which your body will need to get back to the normal routine that you had.

How to conduct the fast?

The conduction process is an easy thing to do if you are determinant. The process contains drinking water for 72 hours, without any consumption of solid food or any other drinks which contain some sort of elements or compounds.

The water should be pure, or mineral water is also highly recommended. You can switch between warm and cold water, depending on your preferences. The warm water, additionally, helps your body to clean the toxic residue in your body.

The amount of H2O that you need to take during a day is subjective to what your body needs. The professionals say that you should take a minimum of 1.5 to 3 liters of water (or even more, if you want) per day during a water fast. Repeat thing procedure for a period of 3 consecutive days

What are the benefits of water fast?

  1. A digestive heal:

The digestive system works 24/7 without a single pause. This makes your internal body under an immense workload. Of course, everything needs a rest, the humans, the machinery and even the digestive system. A pause in the eating routine will help your digestive system to recover itself to the best of its form for years.

  1. A boost to the immunity:

Another unexpected yet beneficial aspect of water fasting is that it helps your immune system to boost up.

The more food you take, the more toxins penetrate into your body, and the white blood cells die while fighting against the harmful bacteria and viruses. A decrease in food intake can give a rest to your immune system, which helps your body to be prepared to fight against the germs coming its way.

  1. Weight loss:

The water fast will help your weight loss routine to get set. You can experience a weight loss of 1-3 kg per 3 days fast. But of course, gaining back the lost weight is an easy thing. So, to avoid this thing, you can just follow a good diet plan to control your weight gain and continue the weight loss process which has begun. You can use the hCG weight loss injections for better results.

  1. Understanding yourself:

During the fasting routine, you get to know your body. You can clearly experience the times when your stomach feels like dying for food. You can understand the pattern of your mind with ease. And this is the beauty of the process.

  1. Emotional wellbeing:

This is the best part. If you as doing fast, then just link it to the religion. Think for a while that you are fasting for your God. And this will bring an unexpected wave of joy in your heart which only you can experience. Of course, nothing is better than linking the weight loss with the religious beliefs. It is a win-win situation for you, any day, any time.

How to break the water fast?

Keeping water fast, preparing for it and knowing its benefits are all very important. But there is one thing which is the most important thing regarding the water fast, but we ignore it. This important thing is called the breaking of water fast.

The digestive fire gets ended after the water fast. Your digestive system develops a temporary habit of not digesting things. This habit will take time to recover.

On the first day of fast-breaking, just take orange or lime juice for 5-6 times, and nothing else. Make sure that you give your body time to recover. If the juice does not feel satisfying, then you can add a spoon of honey in it to get more calories.

With the passage of one day, you can switch to vegetable soup and a consumption routine of having honey for 3-5 times a day. You can take milk as well, but the milk is hard to digest for some people.

On the third day, start consuming the boiled vegetables with fruits. Within the following day, start your normal diet plans. These plans should now be in line with your goals of achieving the best body shape that you have ever had.