How does the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) work?

Let us start are discuss what is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). An ETA is an entrance which is required for a person who is not a permanent Canadian citizen and who does not normally require any visa to enter Canada traveling to Canada by air. This ETA is connected to the passenger’s passport electronically which is valid for him/her for at least five years or until the passport expires.

If you want to travel to Canada or want short stays you there then you can use ETA. It is not valid within the country if you want to travel within the country using an ETA. The New Zealand ETA will also be launched in July 2019 Hence, it become obligatory for citizens of all visa waiver countries by October 2019.

How does the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) work?

This article will take you through a detailed conversation which will tell you more about this program that Who needs an ETA to travel to Canada or New Zealand? Who is affected by this?  How does an ETA work? How will people complete an ETA and many others like these?

Who Needs an ETA to Travel to Canada or New Zealand?

Let’s first start our talk with who needs an ETA to travel to Canada or New Zealand? For Canada, there are most probably 4 types of travelers who need ETA. The ones who need ETA, ones who may be applicable to apply for ETA, those who can not apply and need to carry other identity, ones who are exempt from ETA Requirement. These are some of the travelers who need an ETA before traveling to Canada.

For New Zealand as it has not been implemented yet so there are a number of people with different nationalities who can travel to New Zealand without getting a visa for up to 3 months, but as soon as the New Zealand ETA will be implemented passport holders from almost 60 visa waiver countries will need to apply for an ETA before traveling to New Zealand and the total time validity for New Zealand ETA is 2 years.

Who is Affected by This?

An Electronic Travel Authorization is for those who are traveling by air to Canada or New Zealand so it is clear that it affects those people who are traveling by air, not those traveling by land or sea. It is actually a pre-screening of people from more than 50 countries who are traveling to Canada by air without having a visa. These countries might be Britain, Australia, Europe and other nations such as these.

This is also used to catch those people who are staying in the country for a longer period of time than the legal time limit they have and they have security risk as they do not go through the normal process required for the people to get a visa for a country. It is especially for those who have not faced this screening process to get a visa for themselves.

How Does ETA Works?

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an automated screening system so there is no need for you to present physically there to an embassy. You will get your approval through an email. But if there is an email which activates any worry or any kind of concern such as some criminal case or any other than the application would be proceeded to the department officials to make a final call. This process may take a long time. It is also advised that if you want to apply for an ETA than you must do it 72 hours before your trip.

How will People Complete an ETA?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) form is available on the website for the applicants. They fill this right away online. They are also required to fill their passport information as well as credit card information is also required to pay the fee and once it gets approved it is again connected to traveler’s passport and it is then valid up to at least 5 years or until his/her passport expires. Many applicants receive their approval email within minutes but for some people, it may take several days to get a response.


This article explains you in detail about Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) in detail that what is an ETA and how does this whole process work. This article further tells you about the travelers who need an ETA to travel to Canada or New Zealand. You can utilize an ETA if you want to travel to Canada but cannot utilize it within the country also if you want to apply for New Zealand then some terms and conditions are also applied as well. Also, for Canada an ETA is valid for up to 5 years and for New Zealand it is valid for up to 2 years. In the end, this article tells how will people complete an ETA.