How does playing games raise your IQ?

Intelligence is something, which everybody has since birth. Everybody is brought into the world with insight. In any case, everybody come across with the same knowledge few misinterpretations. If that is the case then it will be obvious that everyone has same IQ level. However, in reality, it is wrong.

There are certain debates among parents that playing games are a wastage of time. They believe that playing games have no benefits at all. However, in today’s world the latest research has shown and proved that playing games are helpful for young children. In many ways that it helps brain function properly. 

playing games raise your IQ?

Apart from this, these games are designed in such a way that they involve children think reasonably. Act according to these. Such as many card games like rummy. In addition to this, these games develop cognitive flexibility and strategic forming ability in them. Let us further see how these games raise IQ.


  • Adventurous Games


Computer games such as adventurous are the ones who help you think in a creative way. For example, you are playing a game and are present in a jungle. There are woods and trees all around. Along with the river. 

What you have to do now is to jump over the river to cross it. Because there is no bridge available. Now you get yourself involved in that game. You think different ways to cross the river. This will involve your mind and thus you think reasonably. You will find some of the creative ways by examining your surroundings. This will enhance your creativity and hence increases your IQ.

There are also some cases where you are physically present in a jungle. Suddenly surrounded by an animal. Now you have to find ways to save yourself from it. It depends on you how you examine and find ways. By creatively thinking and take decisions accordingly. To save yourself from it. This is also helpful for you in a way.


  • Strategy Games 


Now let us talk about another type that is strategy games. These are also very helpful for increasing the IQ level. It enables you to learn any ways such as turn-based. These games are designed in such a way, which lets you learn the ways to defeat your enemies. 

Such as they help, you learn how to study your enemy, your environment, your benefits, harms, and many like these. It helps you make a plan and work accordingly. With such games, you plan your actions. These such games in a way enable you to think reasonably.

There is research conducted by scientists about strategic games. That they are very helpful for cognitive flexibility. The one who plays such games able to think faster and accurately than the one who is not into such games. 

Likewise, one thing to remember is that various outlooks structure each game. Along these lines, not every one of the games is not equal. You cannot judge by only seeing that which is beneficial and which is harmful to you. 

There is nothing bad about playing games. Especially when there are related to improve mental health. It is just that people cannot judge the right game for their children and so they cannot able to pick the right one. 

Choose such games, which positively affects the brain and cognitive functions. Because they enable a person to think fast and precisely. This way brains are more adaptive to outperform in memory tasks. Games such as life simulation, action games, object matching games, and all these such kinds can really useful to raise the IQ level of young people.

Therefore, playing such kinds of games is a good idea. However, one thing to remember is that pick those games, which benefits you. Not the ones, which destroy you. In addition, damage your brain completely. Parents should keep a check on their children and choose the right one for them.

Therefore, this way they will not be able to the complaint. There are several factors based on which intelligence is tested. Games also play a significant role in this manner and sharpen the minds and enable them examine their environment in a practical way. 


This article takes you through in detail and explains how playing games raises an IQ level of a person. Absolutely playing computer games can be very helpful to increase IQ. Especially adventurous and strategic oriented. 

Because these games are designed in such a way which enables a person to examine their environment and act accordingly. To save his life. These games improve cognitive flexibility as well as makes your mind sharp and open.

 Playing these games does not harm a person. Which strengthen your mind. However, choosing the wrong one may change the game for you and destroys you.