Enviarflor’s Guide Of Choosing Right Edible Flowers!

Flowers have always been one of the most beautiful gifts for any occasion. They are beauty and they are amazing for decoration. Flower is common to gifting and decorating. But here is an amazing way of using the flowers. Edible flowers are very unique way of making the floral gift a useful one. Sometimes, you can add flowers to your dishes to make use of flowers in an exclusive way.

Here is Enviarflor’s guidance to choose the perfect edible flower for any occasion.

1 : Frozen Flower

 Frozen flowers are best for making colorful ice-cubes to serve summer treats. They are very refreshing and aesthetic in look. For any kind of drinks in summer they are the best compliments. They look gorgeous in punch bowls and pitchers. Sometimes, you can use these frozen flowers in your ice-cream Popsicle as well. Edible flowers include Daylily and pansies first. Then there are pineapple sage and nasturtium. Lavender and violet purple color flowers bring in a herbal taste. Day lilies taste like melons. The bright color and sweet fragrance of these flowers make them one of the delicious parts of the meal.


2 : Colorful Floral Salad

Salads are the most hygienic food with finger-licking taste. There is one thing in salad that makes it stand out of every other meal or side dish. Salads are always very much decorative. Sprinkling edible flowers above the salad takes its beauty to another level. It is just like sprinkling cheese or mayonnaise over the salad. Besides the colors, they will provide a distinctive floral taste. Marigold is perfect citreous and peppery flower to dress any kind of salad. Chive flower is tangy in taste while chrysanthemums add a sweet grass taste to the salad.


3 : Flower flavors

Just as different fruit and vegetables taste different form each other, so does the flowers. But there are edible flowers that belong to a particular species of flower. It depends according to the presence of their taste quotient. Corn-flower has a bright blue color with a frilly texture that tastes like clove. Lily is of melon flavor. Violets are purple flowers tasting sweet perfumed flavor. Pansies are very much of same perfumed flavor. Pineapple sage, like the name tastes like fresh pine apple and is of vibrant red colors. Nasturtium is of peppery flavor that tastes great with honey. Chamomile is a daisy like looking flower that is white in color and a bright yellow touch in the middle. It tastes like apple. Another purple flower, Lavender carries the pure herbal taste. Calendula is tangy; Borage tastes like fresh cucumber. You can get any of these flowers if you buy flowers online.


4 : Floral Dessert

Making a dessert out of flowers is one of the most outstanding ideas. Desserts are no doubt the best part of the meal that is why they are the climate of your party meal. Desserts purify your taste and keep this lingers a little longer after your party dinner is over. Adding floral petals to your dessert turns it extraordinary from ordinary. Flower spreads spring time flavor to your home-made cookies and cakes. You can start with any cake. It can be an angel cake or a red velvet one. Any cake you put edible floral petals on will turn it into a flower cake. And that sounds really tasty.


5 : Flower Cocktail

Cocktails are the rhythm of any celebration that carries on the pace of the celebration. Flower-added cocktails are famous as blooming cocktails. Adding edible flower flavor in cocktail makes it one of the best edible flower ideas. Flowers are always the best garnishing element in any decoration. These floral touches give your cocktail a twist and turn in taste. You can use the flowers as your use mints in Mojito. Once you smell the flavor, remove the flowers. Or you can simply make edible syrups of these flowers and add them to the cocktails. Frozen hibiscus and chamomile honey are the two most popular flowers.

There are very small numbers of elements that you can have many effective uses. Flowers are no doubt one of them. Besides decorating and refreshing ambiance, flowers can beautify your platters as well. Above are the best ways to garnish your plate and drinks with exotic floral touch.