Customer Success v/s Customer Experience

When it comes to customer success and customer experience, majority of the people consider it as the same thing. But it is not true actually, there lies a huge difference between customer success and customer experience. Let us get a basic idea about both the terms before getting in the detail about what is the major difference between these two terms.

Customer Success refers to the fact that make sure that your customer gets the best out of your product or service. While the Customer Experience is what customer actually feels after using that product or services. It can be both good or bad depending on how you treat your customers. Now let’s get into more detail about what makes both these terms different.

Customer Success and Customer Experience Difference

“Customer Success” is responsible for managing the relationship between the customer and the vendor. If at any point while availing services a customer goes through any difficulty, customer success manager is responsible for solving the issue. Thus, making the customers completely satisfied with the use of a specific product or service is the responsibility of customer success.

Providing the best services or complete customer support to the user leads to great customer success.  What makes a great customer success is the act of delivering the best customer value in each step. Give the best and 100% will result in great customer service, which leads to the next that is the customer experience.

“Customer Experience” is the perk, feeling, emotion or you can say it is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with that company. No doubt, it can be both a positive (good) or a negative (bad) experience. It depends only on how a company treats its customers and to provide exactly what they want.

Giving the best customer experience to the users can generate higher leads towards your brand, product or services. It also shows that customer success and customer experience are linked together, but it also shows that both these terms are not the same. To provide better customer experience it is necessary to provide the best customer services. Providing the best services is the only way to enhance the customer experience.

So, it is necessary to provide the best services. As well as to get an idea about your overall performance customer success metrics will help you in a perfect way. For this listed below are some of the major success metrics that will help you in this respect.

–               Financial Metrics

The most important thing that you need to consider for better customer success is the financial metrics. The financial metrics are the core of any business and without proper finance you will not be able to fulfill the needs of your business. It is necessary to keep a check on financial metrics for maintain good health of your organization, product, service or the business.

The Financial metrics will help you get a deep insight about:

  • Revenue Retention
  • Churn Rate
  • Customer Retention Rate

–               Product Usage Metrics

Another important metric that will help you improve the performance of your organization for better customer experience is the product usage metrics. It will give you detail about how many people are actually getting benefit from your product. How they are using it and how much it has been used? Keeping a check on these factors will help you work according to your customers’ desires to provide them better customer experience.

–               Business Metrics

Business metrics is another important factor to consider when it comes to great customer success. The business metrics will help you get an idea about your overall performance among your competitor businesses. To enhance your performance and to make your business stand out among the others you definitely need these metrics.

–               Team Performance Metrics

Team performance plays a major role when it is about making your organization successful. Keeping a check on how your team is actually performing to make this organization give the best customer experience. You need to consider team performance metrics. It will help your business grow faster and to give your customers the best customer experience from your services.

These metrics will help you keep a check on your performance and will help you perform in the best way. Moreover, to increase your customer success performance you need to follow a success strategy. It will be more helpful to efficiently perform for better customer experience.


Customer success and customer experience are completely two different terms. Many organizations or the majority of the people consider these two as same terms. Although both these are related to each other but there is no similarity between the two. To give your customers a better customer experience you need to work on factors that can lead to great customer success.