Best Chinese Sourcing Platforms For Your Dropshipping Business

When it comes to import and export, China is the leading country worldwide. Not only they one of the biggest exporters of the world but also they provide a huge variety of product you can choose from. Another factor which makes China the pioneers in exports is their rates; they offer the cheapest rates as the labor is quite cheap there.

If you ask someone to name any Chinese sourcing platform they will surely name Alibaba. But more than Alibaba there is much more sourcing website which are connecting buyers and sellers on a single platform and providing them ease to hire a company or supplier. That is because China has built a good reputation in the international market concerning quality and rates. Therefore if you want to establish a business relationship with any Chinese company or supplier, it is a good method to get it done from Chinese sourcing website.

If you are looking, for a product, there is no doubt that you will search for a Chinese supplier or Chinese manufacturer but as there are many results, we are listing top 8 Chinese sourcing platforms for you.

Best Chinese Sourcing Platforms For Your Dropshipping Business

Best Chinese Sourcing Platforms For Your Dropshipping Business

1.    Alibaba:

You must have heard the name of Alibaba many times before. It is not only the world’s largest business to the business portal, but they have a comprehensive list of products and suppliers.

Other than its website, the CEO Jack Ma is also well known across the globe with the best Chinese sourcing company. Alibaba has a global reputation, and now it is expanding its business to Alibaba group where they have become China’s largest tech company and e-commerce platform.

You can find numerous companies and product under a single search and that is why it is leading the national and international market and considered as the gateway to the Chinese market.

2.    Global Source:

It is another big Chinese sourcing website where more than 1.4 million buyers are working internationally in more than 240 countries to source products all over the world. The china is also leading the business making majority of deals. You can also see the regular Hong Kong trade who are facilitating international companies for sourcing with trusted and reliable Chinese suppliers.

It has many satisfied customers, its website is easy to use and much more convenient for clients around the world to fetch suitable product and suppliers from China.

3.    Made in China:

This is one of the finest third party platforms where the buyers meet Chinese suppliers and get a clean and easy layout to navigate. Similar to Alibaba, Made in China has listed the buyers and allow them to create their homepage describing the company name, profile, product listing and introduction.

4.    China Suppliers:

China supplier is the best Chinese sourcing website which claims to “Exclusive Government Authorized B2B e-commerce marketplace in China”. Not only has this but they also owned the China Internet News Center which is controlled by State Council Information Office.

Despite the slightly clumsy website and interface, it is one of the best websites that is featuring Chinese products and suppliers. And the plus point is they have very easy URL to remember.

5.    OFweek:

When it comes to tech products including high tech gadgets and electronics OFweek specializes in it. It is a Shenzhen based company with a well-designed website to feature numerous Chinese suppliers and tech product. That is why if you are looking for amazing and reasonable Chinese tech products; make sure to check OFWeek out.

6.    DHgate:

When it comes to the online wholesale marketplace where you and other buyers can find quite competitively priced quality products that are made in China, DHgate is your best bet. They have some Chinese products at lower MOQs than many other websites and platform.

Also, the thing which makes them stand out DHgate from other Chinese sourcing platforms is their payment handling system. They only pass the payment to the seller once they buyer confirms that they have receipt of goods.

7.    Ali Express:

AliExpress is also a part of the Alibaba group which was launched in 2010. This platform serves as an e-commerce website which brings together Chinese suppliers and companies to sell products to foreign customers. Although it is not a sourcing website it is serving the same purpose and it is best when comes to compare companies looking to purchase with low MOQs. But sadly since they have a weak supplier verification process, it can lead to any scam and buying the issue.

8.    HKTDC:

It is operated by Hong Kong Trade Development Council which is playing an essential role in creating a better business relationship of Hong Kong with buyers around the world. Since Hong Kong does not have outstanding e-commerce website experience and products, they are using China as a good gateway to source products to international clients.