6 Lovable Balloon Decorations at Home Birthday Party

Balloons are pretty, gay little things, always there to make everyone happy. This means that they are an important part of any celebrations, the most important one being birthday parties. Balloons have been used in only one, boring way since the start, and now, it’s time that you change the style. So, use these party highlighters, not only to brighten up the party, but also to bring the group together in balloon bursting activities, which are actually more fun!

1) Candy Theme Balloon

Candies are eternal love! You won’t find a person who dislikes candies – it’s a compulsory thing. You can always design candies into balloons. You might not believe it but balloon delivery of the shape of a candy is perfectly possible! Balloon candies can be made at home too; all you have to do is stick a paper-made cone under the balloon, and decorate it from the outside, so that it looks like candies. Add colorful confectionary and bright balloon pops, to complement this theme of candy balloons.

2) Confetti Balloon

Confetti is small pieces of streamers of paper, Mylar, or any metallic material, which are usually thrown at any kinds of celebrations, especially parades and weddings, and also, birthdays. There is not any category available such as confetti balloons, and that is why have to make such balloons right at home. Take some clear, transparent balloons fill them up with color confetti, before blowing them up to their desired size. Hang these confetti-ed balloons wherever you want, preferably to an important place in the party venue; it’ll add more beauty to the place.

3) Flowers Balloon Decoration

No, this doesn’t mean filling the balloons with flowers. There is birthday balloon delivery available, where the balloons are in the shape of flowers. It is a new technique, because no one ever thought of having flowers balloons. But then, decorating with actual flowers is very common, cliché even. If you want to do it on your own, then twist them in the shape of flowers. It will make the event or the party lively and even more colorful. If it is someone’s birthday, then it will be even more suitable!

4) Centerpiece Balloon Decoration

Till now, you have heard about balloons adorning the wall, and not the center places. This decoration will tell you all about balloons used for centerpiece! You can have small balloons, preferably of the same color and its shade. Tie them in a bundle, to make a beautiful centerpiece, before placing them in the middle of each reception table.       Not only will it add something amazing to the tables, but also, it’ll be a literal eye candy. Sprinkle some small decorative stuff around it, to make it look more beautiful.

5) Wall Decoration

Instead of taking a handful of balloons and twisting them into something pretty, why not use a hoard of them and decorate a whole of the wall instead? Yes, you heard it right! Gather some colorful balloons, fill them up, and stick them – rathe closely – on the empty, bare wall. Not only will it look colorful and aesthetic, but also, it’ll act as a photo wall, where people can come up and pose for photos or selfies. Maybe you can stack up the gifts here, right by this wall, where the birthday gift delivery will be kept. It will look rather nice, and just right.

6) Garland Decoration for Home

No, we are not talking about garlands of flowers, but that of balloons. It might be a somewhat uniquely different idea, but there’ no harm in trying at all. Take some balloons -either colored one, or according to your decided theme – and string them up together, in a shape of a garland. You can hang them around the walls, or around the tables – or pretty much everywhere. Adding different sizes balloons can give it a different, authentic feel. And this decoration is something which you don’t have to take out quickly – it can even stand as a fay-to-day, casual decoration!

Balloons are, in a way, a symbol of happiness. There are several other ways to work around balloons and present them in a fun and beautiful birthday party themes. These are some of the best, which are given above, and it will work, definitely.