5 Best Pieces of Motorcycle Protective Gear

If you are new to the world of bikes, there is a lot more to explore than you may have thought of. There are limitless things that a biker can buy. But, you need to make sure that those things are worth the money. And more importantly, they will keep you safe and protected during your ride. Of course, nothing keeps your safe than the motorcycle safety gear when taking a bike safety course to avoid potential dangers. Take a look at some:

5 Best Pieces of Motorcycle Protective Gear

  1. Helmet

Well, not only helmet is a great protective gear, but it also helps the bikers set a style statement of their own. Sometimes riders complain of discomfort and cramps but you have enough designs, varieties, sizes and colors to find a perfect brain cover as per your needs. Make sure you get a right size helmet as per your riding needs. With the right helmet, you should move to the next set of safety equipment: motorcycle apparel.

  1. Motorcycle apparel

The apparels include jackets, trousers, gloves, boots and a lot more. However, to begin with, jackets are usually one of the most insanely popular motorcycle accessories. Leather jackets, synthetic jackets, faux leather jackets have more to offer than just style and fashion. They reduce abrasions if you have a rash road accident. For more protection, you can go for armored jacket of different colors and styles.

Gloves, on the other hand offer protection to your hands during accidents. Not just accidents, they protect your hand from harmful sun rays, rain and insects. Remember when you riding your bike fast anything to hit your handlebars will your knuckles too. Unless you are wearing gloves, you can keep your hands protected from it.

Pants, a lot of riders do not invest in riding pants and use denims or heavy pants for riding. But, if you are planning to go on long distances, then you should cover your legs with chaps or leather pants. They are made for the purpose of long rides with protective knee caps to help during a spill in the dirt. It helps in keeping your lower half secure.

  1. Goggles

A lot of people opt for full face helmet, but those who find it tough to wear full face shield can go for goggles for eye protection. Some tint protects your eyes from UV rays and reduces glare. It avoids and prevents anything from going into your eyes. You can choose from a wide range of goggles and sun glasses available online.

  1. Knee and Elbow guards

You have several other cheap motorcycle parts which render great protection during bike ride. Knee armor is one of them. It gives your knees complete protection during the ride. It offers coverage for the thigh and shin part too.

Elbow guards on the other hand do pretty much work for the elbows. They take all the force of the fall and don’t let the elbow get affected during abrasion and spill.

With the right protective gear with you, your bike riding is always secure and sound.