4 Best Choices of Watches Worthy For A Travel Companion

Nowadays, people often travel either for a family vacation or for a business meeting abroad. Sometimes, because of being so busy people frequently forget one the most important thing to have while traveling, a watch. It is crucial to know the right time especially if you are traveling in different places since some places might have a long night or long days.

There are a lot of watches you can buy right now in the market but you need to have basic knowledge and little understanding about watches ad their uses to use them correctly. You can have a diving watch if you often travel at sea or a smartwatch that has a lot of features for fitness and traveling. Here are the best choices of watches for a traveling companion.

4 Best Choices of Watches Worthy For A Travel Companion

Apple Watch 5

The newest smartwatch series from Apple, The Watch 5. Overall, this smartwatch is the same as its predecessor, the Watch 4, with a little upgrade. That has been said, that doesn’t mean the Watch 5 is not capable of being one of the best travel companion you can have right now. It has the most features you will ever ask from a smartwatch.


This smartwatch is capable of opening smartphone apps which is great for travelers. Like for example, Apple wallet and Apply pay, you can use these two applications for paying without the hassle of going to a money exchanger which will help you save time and effort.  Other features of this smartwatch are GPS, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, Apple music, and Siri.

Omega Speedmaster  Professional

The Omega brand has been very great creating luxury watches over the years and with their Speedmaster series the professional, they didn’t let their customer’s expectations down. As you all know, Omega watches were known because of its lunar missions and that is because of the durability and capability of the watch itself. 


The front of the watch has a black dial and protected by a high-quality sapphire glass which means scratches are not possible with this watch. The watch has a chronograph for the user to be able to read hours, minutes, and seconds. Plus a Tachymeter in which you will be able to measure speed. The Omega Speedmaster is truly one of the best travel watches.

Tudor Black Bay GMT

New to Black Bay series, the Tudor Black Bay GMT. In terms of the design of the Black Bay GMT, it is very simple, elegant, and classic at the same time. Overall this watch is perfect for traveling because of its durability and premium build quality. This watch is easy to operate and it also has basic functions plus the design itself is very good looking.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung is flaunting its latest smartwatch for 2019 which is according to them it has the top of the line military grade quality. The Galaxy Watch is also one of the best travel partner you can ever have for a watch. It has Bluetooth and LTE which means you can connect to the internet without any problem. 

You also have two choices of sizes, the 42mm that has a rose gold and midnight black color options and the other one is the 46mm with a silver color option. The good thing about this smartwatch is that you can answer calls and messages without using your hands. You can also play your favorite music all-day-long because of its top of the line battery life.


Having a perfect watch for traveling will make your life easier and you will never regret picking at least one of these 4 best watches. Watches right now is not just a simple timepiece anymore. They have specific features to help you in your daily activities especially if you are often traveling to different places.