11 Important Accessories for Floor Care & Maintenance

As much as you take care of every corner of ceilings, it is equally essential to sanitize residential floors. There are invisible grimes, filth, stains that might get wiped off but it does leave germs behind that are harmful. Only broom or mop won’t wipe out the dirt. You need some core equipment that will assist you in daily cleaning. Below are some of the most used accessories for floor care which you must keep handy for your floor cleaning regime.

Floor Care & Maintenance

Floor Machines:  Traditional mop and bucket cleaning take ages to clean and dry out floors. Modern floor machines comprise of floor scrubber that does not use excess water and its cleaning dries out quickly in comparison to traditional mops.  Floor scrubber sprays water, cleaning solution and then scrubs off all dirt and grease. Whether it is large space floor cleaning or small you just need to ride-on or push floor scrubber and easily you can complete floor cleaning chores. Many online wholesale suppliers have a wide range of floor cleaning machines which are also carpet spot extractor. These cleaning machines clean even tiniest spot on carpets, upholstery or rugs. Hence, a floor machine does not just tint floor tiles but it does sanitize floor with cleaning solutions that remove harmful filths.

Floor pads:  These pads clean and polish not only upper floor surfaces but pads flexibility removes dirt from tile edges too.  Floor brushes do cleaning only on surfaces and low quality brushes bristles do get laid off here and there apart from that they also consume more efforts in cleaning. Whereas floor pads are highly durable and its elasticity can clean carpets or fabrics. There exist varied flooring pads which are designed exclusively for efficient floor cleaning. You can even apply cleaning gels or liquids on floor pads and can rub the same to remove old floor finish layer, dirt, stubborn old stains, or yellowish layer from the floor.

Matting: Floor matting increases the durability of the floor. You can cover any floor surfaces like hardwood, ceramic tiles, finished concrete, granite, etc. with matting products.  Use of floor mats efficiently controls the collection of dirt, moisture other debris, etc. Floor mats can resist shocks of heavy furniture fall, supreme quality mats can reduce the chances of cracks occurring, scratches, and chipping due to object falls or heavy shifts. Matting also reduces slip and fall accidents as its non-slip rubber quality stays affixed to the floor.

Vacuums:  Ultimate carpet and floor cleaning equipment. This modest cleaning equipment that saves time as well as energy.  You can plug and easily move the machine on floors, and its portability feature can seamlessly clean any corner and under furniture space. High suction vacuum cleaners are not only apt in removing dirt or minute dust particles but they also remove pet hair and bad odors from carpet.

Floor sweepers: It is a mechanical device used for cleaning the floors. Floor sweeper typically consists of a small box and the base of the box contains rollers and brushes as well as a moving belt. The arrangement is made in such a way that it helps to sweep dust and dirt from the floor. The floor sweeper is light in weight and enables the users to clean all the small messes.

Floor Scrapers: The floor scraper is used to remove unwanted material on the floor like paint, carpet glue, sticky and dusty layer before laying new flooring. It ensures that the floor is smooth and clear for new flooring. A common use of floor scrapper is to remove old carpet which is glued to the concrete or wooden floor.

Strip mops & Steam Mops: The strip mops are wet mops that come with a built-in wringer. These mops are not much absorbent compared to a cotton scrub but they are more convenient and easy to use and care for. They are fantastic for floor cleaning and has a good amount of scrubbing power than flat mops. The heads of the mops dry out quickly and make them smell less.

The steam mops is really a useful appliance for cleaning. They have a refillable tank of water and it heats up the water and turns it into steam. The steam is released by a trigger and sprays through a reusable mopping pad onto the floor. It helps you to keep your floor clean and disinfect. They are expensive compared to traditional mops and are not the best choices for floor types.

Liquid floor cleaners: The liquid floor cleaners can be used on a variety of floors, laminate, tiles, hardwood. You can mix it with water and clean the floor. They keep your floors shining and free from bacteria.

Magic erasers: Magic eraser is an essential and useful tool for cleaning the floor. Whether there is a small scratch, dirt or grime it can be cleaned in no time. They are designed in such a way that hard surface or hard to reach places can be cleaned easily. Not only for cleaning the floor, but they can be used to clean the kitchen sink, remove stains, counter top and more.

Scrub brush: A scrub brush with a grip a small grip handle is worth the investment. It has a firm grip holder, easy to hold and costs little. These brushes are great for cleaning the walls and floors. They come in various sizes and types, they can easily fit into any small spaces and helps to clean corners that are hard to reach.

Hand Duster: A hand duster is an important tool that is used to get away with light particulate matter that gets accumulated around the corners of the floor. They trap the dust particles and hold onto them tightly until shaken out. The duster is available in different types and materials.


All-purpose cleaner: An all-purpose cleaner is designed to be used in different surfaces and for the different cleaning task. They act as a detergent, solvent, degreaser, disinfectant, and combination of all. The different balance of components used in the all-purpose cleaner makes it more effective on various surfaces.