10 Strategies to Get Drunk the Healthiest Way Possible

If you love drinking then it can be super easy for you to turn your few drinks into a few many drinks. But it is not a healthy option for you. But regardless of what other people are doing, you do not want to go all out on the beers.

You want to enjoy the drinks you take. So, in this article, some of the tips and strategies are discussed which will help you get drunk the healthiest ways possible. So, let us discuss some of the tips in detail.

1.         Avoid Sugary Drinks

Now as you love to drink and you cannot skip. It is a good idea to avoid sugary mixers. Such as margarita mixes, drinks with high fructose or red bull, etc. Drinking Japanese Whisky is more preferable in this case, because it has the least amount of sugar and carbs. They are all hard on your body as of alcohol.

They are all hard on your body. Try to mix these drinks with water and fruit juices. So, it will be less harmful to you.

2.         Set Your Limits

Another important thing to drink in a healthy way is to set your drinking limit. Before you start drinking it is important to decide how many drinks you will have and count on the number of drinks you take. Stick to that number so it will be safe for you.

It is recommended not to take more than four drinks a day. You have to understand not all the drinks contain equal amount of alcohol. So, it is important to set your limits.

3.         Don’t Mix Different Drinks Together

Many people like to mix drinks together. Because they like it this way. But it is really important to know that mixing drinks can be hard on your stomach and also on your head. Because each one of them contains different amounts of alcohol in them.

So, it is advised to pick just one drink at a time and stick to it throughout, until you are done.

4.         Avoid Drinking Too Quickly

In order to enjoy a drink, it is important for you to have some spaces in between your drinks. Spacing out your drinks can stop you from getting drunk. So, it is super important to leave a certain amount of time between the drinks.

Before you get a new one. Drink slowly so you will enjoy more. And so, consume less alcohol. This way you will not feel much drunk and also feel active.

5.         Take A Break

Another tip that can help you in a great way is to take a drinking break for a few days or weeks. It will be very helpful for you in many ways. Having no alcohol consumption can make your liver feel light and can be beneficial for your body. Also, taking a break can make your patience to some extent.

You will also feel a positive change in your mood. And most importantly you will slowly adopt a habit of drinking less.

6.         Eat Well Before You Drink

Eating plays a significant role when you consume alcohol or drinks. It is advised to eat something before you take your first drink. This will help your body to process the drinks you take and also prevents you from nausea and other such bad feelings.

It is a good idea to eat some dairy products or something having starch in it. So, it will go well with your stomach and will not harm you as much.

7.         Drink A Lot of Water

Alongside eating drinking a lot of water can also help you in a much better way. It is recommended to drink plenty of water before you consume alcohol and repeat this process after you are done consuming your drinks.

Because alcohol consumption can make you dehydrated. So, it is very important to hydrate yourself before and after you take drinks.

8.         Try Saying No

Another healthy tip you can adopt is trying to say no to the number of drinks you take. Although it is hard you can do this. When someone offers you, a drink tries saying no to them. This wat you can reduce the intake of drinks. Also, it will have a positive impact on your health.


This article is all about some of the healthiest ways to get drunk. Doing this can be very helpful for your health. Because consuming a lot of alcohol can do serious damage to your body, stomach, liver, and brain. So, in this article some of the safe ways are discussed which will help you a great way.

One of the most important tips out of all it to limit yourself to the number of drinks you take in a day. This way you will not exceed your limit and have control over yourself. Another way is try saying no if someone offers you. This can also work in a positive way for you.