10 Signals For Employer to Identify Depressed Employee

Depression is a factor that has been used a lot in the working environment these days. Depression can be easily mistaken as bad worth ethic or laziness. We cannot say that, each employee can actively take part in the work all the time.

At times, the employees may be depressed due to some reasons including heavy workloads, unreasonable complaints, inflexible deadlines, over pressure, being targeted, overwhelmed with work and more. It is the manager or employer should address the employees and help them come out from the depression as soon as possible.

Of course, the mental health of the employees are really very important for a company to keep enjoying success, on-time project accomplishments, on-time product dispatches to clients and more.

Among the many different companies, it has been said that, the percentage of employees’ depression is high in corporate companies.

In the corporate companies, the workers do not want to talk about workloads or depression or any other mental health due to the fear of losing their jobs.  With no doubts, if not your employees are physically and mentally good, you cannot expect anything from them.

Guys at Marketvein sharing signs will help the employer address the depressed employees. By the way, the employer can and try sort out what actually put the employee to the depressed stage.

10 Signals For Employer to Identify Depressed Employee

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Ten Signs of Depressed Employees:

Here are those ten Signs of Depressed Employees:

Loss of Motivation

If you could find that your employees loss motivation when completing their tasks or remain less enthusiastic at work place, you can declare that they are depressed.

Motivation is something that can increase the outcome of a thing or person. Yes, if the worker is motivated to work, he will definitely try to do his best to deliver the output on time.

Incomplete Tasks

The factor depression will never let your employees accomplish their tasks on time. At times, they forget about the deadlines of the project and remain undelivered. In certain times, they would have completed the project, but fail to send the final report to the manager.

If you could find anything like this, you would come to know that your employees are depressed.

Withdrawal Behavior

There are employees that mingle with people quickly and in a good manner. There are employees that always look moody and take time to get along with other employees. If the employee that was behaving well with people suddenly shows a withdrawal in his behavior, this could be a sign of depression.

Of course, we cannot say that, all such employees behave same all the time. The behavior of the employees will vary according to the ups and downs in the work, and it is common and happens in the company.

However, if the employee was behaving well with other employees is continued to stay away from people means, he is totally occupied by depression and needs to be treated.

Visiting the Doctor Very Often

If your employee is visiting the doctor every and now then, do not ready to reveal to you what is the actual issue he is suffering from, you have to look into the issue.

Do not think that, he might be visiting the doctor for physical issues and do not need to worry about him.

At times, the issues like flu, cold, and stomach pain are the signs of depression.

Extreme Tiredness

Tiredness is not always an outcome of more work you have done in the past. At times, tiredness or fatigue could be a sign of depression. If your employees look more tired than before, you have to look after them.

Decreased Productivity

If your employees do not mind about the deadlines of the assignments and going with the flow, you need to have a discussion with them. Do not assume that they are intentionally missing the deadlines, as at times, the depression could slow up their work and hence they will be late to submissions.

Late to Office

If an employee comes to office late once in a while, it is a common thing. If an employee is continuously late to office and looks cheerless when he enters into office, he is definitely depressed. If he is late to office, the successive works assigned to him would be late too.

Increasing Number of Leaves for Invalid Reasons

With no surprises, the employees could avail leave from office or work, but they should prompt the reason why they want to claim leave. If you feel that your employees are not taking leaves for a valid reason, this could be a sign of disinterest. Disinterest in work does not come automatically, but it could be an outcome of depression.

Not Mingling with His Team Mates When Working  

When an employee is assigned to work with a team, then he has to work along with the team and according to the team instructs, but if the employee is failed to do so, he must be looked after for his behavior. When an employee is completely depressed, he does not want to mingle with others and hence he might want to stay away from his team mates. No matter, what for he is behaving like this, but you should inquire that.

Do Not Want to Take Part in Activities

Besides work, if your employees are not willing to take part in the fun activities, then you can guess that they are depressed. The reason is that, taking part in the activities is fun, but if they do not want to do so, there is something to look after. Depression is what can keep a person away from everything.

Bottom line

These are the signs of depression. If you could find any of these signs in your employees, you can take steps for them to get rid of depression. Do not take depression for granted. The depression could turn a serious mental issue if not it is treated properly. The employer can create flexible work options and open working environment for their employees. The employer can disclose the confidence he has on his employees, as this could be a motivation.